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Share and Care's Educate 2 Graduate - E2G Signature Program transforms the lives of bright students by providing financial assistance in the form of a Loan Scholarship. Lack of resources is the number one obstacle barring bright students in rural India from attending college. Through the E2G program, deserving students are given an interest-free Loan Scholarship to provide financial assistance based on their needs, which vary based on the college, boarding and lodging, current financial resources, the degree they wish to pursue, etc. With a Loan Scholarship they can pursue their higher education goals, increase their income significantly, and, as a result, pull their entire family out of poverty.

This program is unique in that the funds we raise today will be used to assist new students in the future. Students agree to repay the loan once they're able to find gainful employment. Exclusive of inflation, this program has all the ingredients of self-sufficiency.

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